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Basement Interior Waterproofing Wal-Tech Drainage

Protecting your interior from the exterior weather elements

Wal-Tech Drainage uses interwaterproofing methods to seal out moisture when exterior access is not an option. If you are planning a new basement renovation, waterproofing is a necessity in order to protect your investment by preventing future water damage. Various methods including epoxy injection, backwater valve installation, and a variety of other flooding preventatives are all options when considering changes to your home.

Foundation Crack Repair Using Injection System Go to Diagram >

Wal-Tech Drainage has the ability to mend foundational and wall cracks from within your home, to minimize the scope of a necessary repair. We begin by drilling a series of ⅜” holes along the crack line every 6 to 8 inches. The crack is then flushed with water, and installed with packers and zerk couplers. Working from the bottom up, our technicians seal around and in between ports to ensure the resin we inject is pushed to the furthest exterior of the existing crack.

Complete Interior Waterproofing Systems Go to Diagram >

Wal-tech Drainage is able to provide interior waterproofing when excavation to waterproof from the exterior of your home is not an option. We work by breaking a trench into the floor and installing weeping tiles and a sump system. Your walls will be waterproofed as required and our technicians will cover the new tile with stone, and reconcrete the area to finish the job. Once complete, we can go on to complete any necessary restoration of your basement, if requested.

Basement Lowering and Underpinning

Basement Lowering and underpinning can be a huge undertaking, but will ultimately increase the value of your home, creating extra living space and extending the life of your home. Typically, it is done to utilize space in your basement that can be used for storage or living areas. The process is completed through digging down and shoring up to create extra space, strengthen the structure, and increase the ceiling height in your basement. In this case, Wal-Tech can waterproof your basement from the inside to prevent any water from entering.

Crawlspace Remediation Go to Diagram >

Crawlspace remediation is the process of installing a waterproofing system to your entire crawl space. Wal-Tech Drainage will improve the smell and air quality of your crawl space by covering it with a vapour barrier to create an odour-free, dry, and healthy environment. Without remediation your house could face potential risks such as:

  • Mold issues
  • Wood rotting – causing structural damage
  • Exposure to harmful airborne mold spores